Specter 2 Script

Lithium Labs has created a brand-new Roblox game called Specter 2. This game draws inspiration from the well-known horror title Phasmophobia. if you enjoy the game. You could give it a try. Based on the popular indie game Phasmophobia, Specter 2 is a cooperative horror game for four players.

It will be available on June 25th, and Periodic Games designed it. The Specter 2 Script will introduce you to features that make it simple for you to level up. The Specter 2 script is provided in this post, including how to redeem it and other game features. Read on to find out more!

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About The Game

The popular Roblox game Specter was created by Lithium Labs and has now had over 100 million visitors. You can discover the most recent features to use for in-game awards and boost your experience in the game. The leader will set up a lobby where players can play either alone or with up to three additional players.

A public lobby or a private lobby are the two alternatives. Private lobbies require a code to join, while public lobbies are open to all players on the same server as you. Although everything you need to identify the ghost has already been added, any further equipment can be added to the list of required items.

After running the Specter 2 script, you won’t be able to get bored because the game becomes more fascinating. So, after running the Roblox script, your next step is to relax and take in the show. Here are the script’s most notable features: Auto Stamina, Vehicle Farm, Auto Detection, ESP Ghosts.

Specter 2 Script

loadstring(game.HttpGet(game, 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zuhnosu/roblox-scripts/main/linsher/specter2.lua', true))()

How To Redeem The Specter 2 Script

  • Download the exploit, or script executor, for Specter 2.
  • Launch Specter 2 and begin playing.
  • Start your script or exploit for Specter 2.
  • The Specter 2 script is supplied in this guide; copy it and paste it.
  • To use a script, click the Execute/Inject button.

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The Specter 2 game is an example of quality visuals and features. By incorporating these scripts into the action, the Roblox game script offers a unique way to keep players engaged.

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